By the Numbers April-June 2015

  Tuesday, July 28, 2015 / Brian / Uncategorized  

Welcome to France!  Everything here is different, including what we spend money on and how we tell you about it. To get started I'll give you a quick rundown on Detour's refit.  Detour was in great shape but in order to be ready we made the following changes and additions
- Main sail replaced with new
 - Victron isolation transformer installed
 - Victron battery monitor installed
 - Vesper Marine AIS transponder/receiver installed
 - VHF replaced with Navicom RT550
 - Tides Marine dripless shaft seal installed
 - Webasto forced hot air heater installed
- New Aluminum dorade boxes fabricated
 - Automatic bilge pump installed in forward, watertight compartment
 - Fresh antifouling paint
 - Interior lighting replaced with LED bulbs
- Cutlass Bearing - replaced with new
 - Steering system was experience "hardness of turning" - disassembled, cleaned, hardness of rudders resolved
 - Gas hose to replace - off the shelf, replacement hose for cooking gas from local marine supply
 - Engine painted - engine was cleaned of any rust, primed, painted
 - Batteries 3x105amp to change - replaced with Victron Gel, deep cycle 2x165ah
The total cost for ALL of this work came to $10,258.
Which brought us to the beginning of our cruising on Detour.  Here in France the grocery stores all have "super" "hyper" or "ultra" versions that appear in the larger towns and cities.  When one of these words is added to the store's title in addition to groceries they sell a variety of household items and electronics.  During the first couple of months we purchased a lot of items for the boat at these stores.  For example if we were making pasta we would by noodles and sauce and then head over to kitchen section and pick up a pot as well.  We did pretty well with this and only occasionally had to do things like flip pancakes with a spoon, which by the way does not work very well.  This combined shopping has caused us to roll our "household" purchases into our grocery budget for this quarter.  Also we did NOT include in our expenses any of the costs associated with our travel back to the US.
Total amount spent - $5,302
Groceries/Household - $2,625
Moorings/Dockage - $799 - ($362 was for the week in Port Napoleon before starting up the Rhone)
Diesel - $533
Utilities (WIFI, propane, etc.) - $155
Miles motored - 603nm
Elevation gained/lost in locks - 2152 ft