White Cay Beach Tours – Day 2

Today we took a tour of a most spectacular yet quaint beach. After our morning routine we kayaked once again to a new location for the day. This time we could still keep an eye on Rode Trip while we were away.



This beach was fully equipped with chairs, fire pit, bar, and hammock! Now here I could imagine one heck of a beach party!



We spend the afternoon reading, dipping in and out of the water, and fishing. Brian was successful at finding a conch. While at the beach he processed the conch which we used not only for supper but also as bait.

Back at the boat, fishing hadn’t been quite as promising. Brian caught a remora. While trying to free the remora from his hook, the fish suctioned himself right onto the side of the boat! Brian eventually set him free.


Tonight for dinner Brian got very creative with his own version of conch fritters using: flour, baking powder, egg, chick peas, chicken stock, cumin, salt and pepper. He concocted a dipping sauce of yogurt and lime juice. It was delicious!


White Cay Beach Tours – Day 1

On Wednesday, we were finally settling into our own schedule. Weather came first, of course, with an early morning wake-up call at 6:30am. We were hoping to hold onto that Thursday departure date but it was moved back to possibly Saturday on account of the front moving through bringing strong winds in the wrong direction for our next intended stop. After weather Brian made breakfast while I did around the house type chores. After breakfast, we took turns with Spanish lessons before getting ready to hit the beach.

Our goal for the remainder of the week was to spend ample parts of our days on the various little islands surrounding our anchorage. This way we could see the sights, get some exercise, and spend time on solid ground. We needed a break from the boat which had been bobbing to and fro at anchor thanks to those strong winds. Brian gathered his fishing and snorkeling gear and I gathered books, beach towels, and snacks. We took the kayaks and paddled to the farthest beach.


Here we took a walk around the island, which incidentally is for sale if anyone is interested.




Brian found a swim fin and kept is as a spare because it was just the right fit.


We settled on the beach for an afternoon of reading, dipping in and out of the water, and fishing.

the Blue Hole at Hoffman Cay

We’re now on the eastern side of the Berry Islands after a beautiful sailing day to get here. Brian expertly navigated the coral laden inlet to get us behind White Cay, between Hoffman Cay and Devil’s Cay. When we arrived, we learned all too quickly how to scout out shallow water…by running aground. We had to use the dinghy and the anchor to get us off the sand. But afterwards we were anchored in 12-feet of water with plenty of swing room. An uninviting wind forecast meant we’d likely be here for several days.


On Monday we set out to find the Blue Hole on a tip our friends at Great Harbor Cay gave us. We took the dinghy to Hoffman Cay where we found a small white sand beach and could spot a trail leading into the brush.


We paused to watch a fish before hitting the trail. He didn’t seem bothered at all to have an audience. “Fishing here should be easy,” Brian hoped out loud.


The trail led us directly to the Blue Hole; a nearly perfect circular, very deep pool of water. What we thought would be an all day expedition, hiking the trail, took a mere five minutes. So we sat for a while observing the pool and then scurried to the bottom to investigate the cavern.




Fortunately, the trail continued onward beyond the Blue Hole. Off we go to see what we find!


It brought us to another small and equally beautiful white sand beach. (In another whopping five minutes. We were starting to hope there were enough small islands around to keep us busy for the next few days.)


We did stay at the beach for quite a while watching the fish. There were tiny minnows lining the shoreline and every few minutes a school of fish would come swarming in to eat them. Amidst this activity were two small schools of hound fish that would leap into the air now and then to gobble a minnow. On the beach near the tree line was a fire ring and some beach chairs that were in need of repair. We added a bonfire to our future agenda.

After exploring Hoffman Cay we headed back to the boat still with half the day to spare. These 6:30am mornings really make the day last! (We wake each morning to listen to Chris Parker’s weather forecast on our SSB receiver, channel 4045.) No sandy feet aboard! I’ll remember to rinse my feet from the dinghy next time.