Winter Getaway Aboard Rode Trip – Week #2

It’s hard to believe that two weeks have already ended and our friends, Brian and Jennifer, are making their way back to Honesdale, PA. Brian and Jennifer adapted to Rode Trip with ease! They could practically sail and maintain this ship by themselves, not to mention that they totally kicked back and enjoyed the cruising lifestyle. I think it is safe to say that they had a spectacular vacation; and we were sad to see them go.

During our first week with Brian and Jennifer, we had explored Staniel Cay and nearby Big and Little Major. We had celebrated a festive Christmas on Great Guana Cay with the fabulous residents at Black Point. During week two, we island hopped southward along the Exumas.

At Great Guana Cay we followed the trail which led us to a cave just north of Oven Rock.







Snorkeling opportunities were plentiful…even frolicking with mermaids!






Fishing comprised a large part of each day. Fish tacos were on the menu the evening the guys harvested roughly 20 lion fish.


Deep sea fishing was less successful. We didn’t land any mahi-mahi’s, although we did manage to select the best lure for barracudas…and each catch was larger! Finally we opted to take the line out of the water, we’d had enough barracudas.




The guys tried their best…but sometimes even without fish a night of burgers and BIG beers really hits the spot! MMmmmmm!




Glamorous sunsets were the perfect ending to each fun-filled day.


Kayak excursions provided a nice change of pace. Brian and Jennifer took a turn and explored the salt pond at Normand’s Pond Cay.




Fishing was a hit at Normand’s Pond Cay and the small blue hole provided a great backdrop for photo shoots. Brian landed this new find for us, a stone crab, which was delicious.






On the trails a Stocking Island, we hiked to the top of Monument Beach for beautiful views.





Termite mound.


“It’s a starfish!”


We chilled at Chat’n’Chill where we enjoyed rum punches, goombay smashes, and Kalik.


It was a spectacular vacation and we are looking forward to Brian and Jennifer’s next visit…wherever Rode Trip may be!



Under ‘da Sea

During our travels from Staniel Cay to Georgetown and now back again, Brian and I discovered a layover anchorage that we really enjoy. Just inside Rudder Cut we’ve anchored at Darby Island. The holding (hard bottom, sand over rock) is actually quite poor and we’ve marveled both nights that our anchor held as Rode Trip sat smack in the middle of the current. It was calm and quiet with crystal clear water. Darby Island and the neighboring islands, Rudder Cay and *Moosha Cay, are private but although we can’t explore the land, under the sea had much to offer.

Supposedly, mermaids frequent this area of the Exumas and so during our second layover here we made it our business to find one. We set out in the dinghy and headed north of Rudder Cut. We scanned the water from the dinghy hoping we’d see the flip of a tail, the wave of an arm, or long flowing locks as a mermaid swam up beside us. I was determined to finally meet a real life version of my childhood icon, Ariel.

No mermaids here.

Hmmm, that cave looks promising…maybe that is where they keep the snarfblatts and dinglehoppers.

We dinghied all the way to Moosha Cay (way too far) knowing only that mermaids kept to the north side of Rudder Cut. After no sightings, we turned back. Brian thought if we took a break for some snorkeling and fishing maybe we’d have a better chance at spotting a mermaid.

But on our way back, we got a tip from some fellow cruisers who were fishing in Rudder Cut. They’d just spotted a mermaid and pointed out the general area to us. Maybe she’s still there…the other cruisers thought maybe she was waiting for someone. They also had speared two scrumptious looking lobsters while fishing and offered us the lobsters for supper. This was turning into our lucky day!

Gearing-up for my first ever mer-encounter.

Here I come!
Eureka! There she is…wonder who she is waiting for by that piano.
Brian played her a tune while she waited for the Hot Crustacean Band to arrive. As it turns out they were to perform a concert later that afternoon. “Sigh,” mermaids are amazing. Maybe next time we meet another one!


Once nearer Rode Trip we did do some snorkeling and fishing. I’m finally finding my own fins underwater, although I still don’t stray far from the dinghy. Brian found a school of yellow tailed snappers and speared one to add to our lobster feast.



We dined in style that night; yellow tailed snapper sashimi and steamed lobster. Delicious! While on deck, we sipped gin & tonics by the light of a full moon. The moon was so brilliant and the water so clear that we could see straight to the ocean floor. These are the kind of days and nights that make cruising worth while!



*Moosha Cay is owned by David Copperfield. According to cruiser gossip, a highly reliable source, David Copperfield is responsible for constructing the stainless steel mermaid statues (yes there is another yet to be discovered by Road Trippers) and dropping them into the sea for our viewing pleasure. We aren’t sure who is responsible for the Mardi Gras beads and sunglasses…maybe Elton John happened by.