Buenavista Cay of the Ragged Islands

We made a 30-mile jump from Flamingo Cay in the Jumentos to Buenavista Cay in the Ragged Islands. There certainly was a beautiful view! The water was indescribable; we couldn’t take our eyes away from the rich hues of emerald, sapphire, and turquoise. If possible, I think the water had become even clearer as the bottom types (sand, grass, rock, and coral patches) and depths became much easier to read while navigating our way along the banks. And there to top off our gorgeous sail again on a close reach with 20-knots of easterly wind, was Buenavista Cay.


Once anchored at Buenavista Cay, Brian and I were eager to stretch our legs on that sprawling, white sand beach. We also wanted to explore what looked like a cruiser-rigged, pot-luck sort of spot…


…but as we drifted by in our kayaks along the shoreline, Brian spotted a man near the shed. Someone was inhabiting this structure. We heard roosters and took note that there was an outboard driven paddle boat. We respected this man’s space and beached the kayaks farther down the beach. We did a walk by to try to initiate contact, but no luck. And so we continued our walk and hoped maybe to meet the man the next day. (We never did speak with him although he gave us a wave the next day.)


Brian snatched a fine supper for us, grouper.


As we settled for the night we realized that the rolly swell was nonexistent here. Possibly this long island was just the protection we needed; silly us thinking we’d be comfy in a little cove!

The next day Rode Trip and Serendipity reanchored farther down the beach so that we could take a hike down a trail Brian and I discovered the night before.

This little guy marked the beginning of our trail.

Off we go!


It was a short trail that led us to the windward side of Buenavista.


We had lunch and continued to explore for a while.

We spotted what we think is a Bananaquit – he was quite curious about us.



Beach find of the day…RICOLA!


That evening we enjoyed a fire ring that we’d stumbled upon on the beach. It was a clear, starry night and the fire was blazing. Just right for roasting a few marshmallows – yummy! After our sweet teeth were satisfied we added our burnable trash to the fire. Nothing like adding a bit of functionality to leisure activities.