Return of the Squid

I had my fingers crossed my new technique of using live bait might be a little more effective at catching fish. I wasn’t getting any bites though. After waiting I began to get a few very gentle nibbles on my seaworm, but couldn’t get the hook to set. After being frustrated with this for a little while I pulled my bait up to see if it was still there, and a squid followed my seaworm out of the depths!

Unfortunately my squid jig was snagged on lobster pot recently, and consigned to the deep. I put 2 treble hooks on and a little pink lure because pink is a squid’s favorite color. Very soon after this I began really getting bites on my lure. It took a little bit of practice but eventually I managed to a hook a squid! I reeled him in until he broke the surface of the water and then he proceed to shoot a stream of ink straight up in the air over my head into the cockpit! What a mess.


Soon I had another one, and I made sure this one let his ink go in the water before pulling him out of the water.




As I was getting ready to turn this squid into calamari, I flipped him over on the cutting board and he changed colors! He went from a translucent white color to a red color. It happened very quickly and was quite a surprise.


I eventually managed to catch one more squid, and we tried out the tempura batter recipe from our Ratios cookbook. They were very delicious.