Bocas Brewery

We’d found the BEST attraction in Bocas del Toro!  Home-brewed beer!  The last time we’d been to a brewery was August of 2012 in Nantucket, MA with Darren and Katie at Cisco Brewing.  It was almost too good to be true that Darren and Katie were here with us in Panama sharing this experience!  It was also too good to be true that Brian would soon be drinking a cold IPA…and here we were!IMG_9155

The Bocas Brewery is on the beachfront in the northern end of Bocas del Toro at Isla Colon.  The staff were fabulously hospitable and the atmosphere was relaxed, family friendly, clean, and comfortable.  There was a nice selection of brews from Bocas Brewery and also from Panama City.  We didn’t know which to choose…IMG_9159

So we sampled them all!IMG_9156

Once we’d determined our favorite brews, we moved outside to chill on the beach. The winners were an IPA from Panama City and a Stout from Bocas Brewery.  Ahhh…IMG_8032 IMG_9165

We ordered some food and played on the beach.  I wouldn’t recommend the food – beer yes, but food is still a work in progress as this brewery is under new ownership – good for snacking, small portions and very simple.  IMG_8035 IMG_8037 IMG_9170 IMG_9177

We were joined by our cruiser friends David and Victoria.IMG_9179Bocas Brewery’s atmosphere and refreshment provided a great ending to an already fantastic day.  Nothing beats downtime with friends and a cold beer on the beach!IMG_9160


Homebrew Heaven

On Saturday evening Brian and I were very fortunate to have been invited by Scott and Kim to a homebrew tasting event. Scott and Kim had befriended Steve, owner of The Survival Shops, providing “Everything from Ammunition to Zinfandel.” Steve provides brewing supplies and he has formulated a club of local brewers. Approximately once every two months the brewers get together to sample each other’s creations. Brian and I tagged along for a most delicious occasion! We’d like to thank Steve and his wife, Kristin, for welcoming us to the event.

We met some great people and shared our knowledge of brewing. We sampled wines: chocolate orange port, malbec, strawberry, and chianti. We sampled hard cider, pumpkin, and Yuengling (excellent duplicate of the lager, no headaches!). We sampled Belgian triple blonde, oatmeal stout, and dos equis. These brewers really knew their stuff! The beers were crisp, clear, smooth, and most had a nice head atop when poured. It certainly got us thinking what could we brew on a boat? Currently, we are working on ginger beer – gotta have the mixer ready for all that Carribean rum!