Buddy Boats Unite!

Super excited that our friends, Matt, Jessica, and cruising kitty, Georgie (sv/Serendipity), have joined us in Georgetown! After a grueling three months of repairs to their boat in St. Augustine, FL they are finally enjoying the sunshine and clear waters of the Bahamas. Hooray! Rode Trip and Serendipity will travel the outer islands of the Bahamas together.

We began our trip on a blustery day with north-northeast winds blowing 15-20 knots. It was cloudy and chilly when we waved goodbye to the Exumas. Rode Trip set out with one reef in our main sail and the gib. We moved along nicely at 5.5 knots – 6 knots.
Here is Serendipity on their way through the North Channel cut.


Seven-hours and 37-miles later it had been a long sailing day for us compared to our Exuma half-day sails. We were refreshed that the clouds had cleared and the sun came out along our way although the temperature hadn’t increased. We had a beautiful view of Long Island; rolling, green hills were a change in scenery from the brown, barren islands of the Exumas. Approaching Thompson Bay we were received by a welcoming committee of five dolphins swimming in the bow. Thompson Bay is a huge area; we were able to anchor under sail and we will be well protected from forecasted east winds.


Mark’s Survival Guide to Cruising Lesson 5: Cruise Often

Mark’s vacation was entering into its final hours and we were all brainstorming how he could continue his computer consulting from Rode Trip. Having a third crew member has been a blast!

To get to our final destination, Georgetown on Great Exuma Island, we put Lesson 5: The Ocean is Powerful to the test. We decided to leave on the tail of a northeasterly front. The worst of the front had passed around 2:00am that morning; we knew this because Rode Trip was vibrating intermittently from the 25-30knot squalls. The sky was clearing when we made ready to haul anchor to depart Norman’s Pond Cay. Still, the wind was 15-20knots from the northeast and we knew outside of the protection of the island we’d encounter high seas. Thank goodness we were headed downwind! We’d changed out the genoa for the jib and prepped all the sails for whatever combination might be best. We hauled anchor and motored through the channel toward Adderly Cut. Behind Leaf Cay, we set a double reefed main and staysail. Passing through Adderly Cut Brian gave us a boost with the motor so that we’d stay in the appropriate channel. Once into the deep blue water, we set our course and maintained a speedy 6 knots all the way to Conch Cut.
Entering Conch Cut literally kept us at the edges of our seats; rolling 8 foot swells had Rode Trip’s toe rail lying flat in the water at least once. Good thing our full-keel bounces back up! It was actually a bit more than we’d expected, but Brian did an excellent job of sailing us through the cut while I navigated and Mark held fast to the cockpit.
Soon afterward we were anchored at Elizabeth Harbor on the west side of Stocking Island. We changed into our “town” clothes and headed to Volleyball Beach. Mark noted the contrast between this and our previous anchorages – like we’d just entered the big city. The water wasn’t as clear, the beach was swarmed with people, and there were burgers! We all forgot our self-sufficiency skills and bellied up to the Chat and Chill Bar.
We took Mark onto the trails on Stocking Island.
We paused on Marie’s Trial to admire Skip’s bench; thanks to Skip on sv/Eleanor M for maintaining these beautiful trails. Unfortunately, Skip bid Georgetown farewell (we heard on the VHF) while we were anchored at Kidd Cove for Mark’s flight and we were unable to introduce ourselves to him.
From the top of the monument we wondered, who wants to marry Josh? and did he say yes?


At monument beach a rare sighting indeed, a bird, and one we’d never seen!


Back at Rode Trip, Mark and Brian fashioned souvenirs. Homemade conch horns! They’d found these unbroken conch shells at Norman’s Pond Cay. A farewell serenade…until next vacation, we’ll miss you, Mark!



Fair Winds and Following Seas

We’ve had a fantastic week at Georgetown spending quality time with Mark, Marta, Roan, and Alec aboard Por Dos. It felt like we were just getting in the swing of our day to day activities (swimming, fishing, paddle boarding, kite flying, cooking, exchanging precious cargo, and even dancing!) when once again it was time to part ways. We have a bit more exploring to do in the Exumas while Por Dos begins to make tracks toward the Dominican Republic, where we hope our paths will cross once again. We bid each other farewell while enjoying a delicious meal prepared by Chef Roan; his latest specialty, shepherd’s pie.

Road Trip is northbound once again, eagerly awaiting the arrival of some very special visitors…