State-Side Reunions Begin!

When Rode Trip dropped the hook at Bar Harbor, Mount Desert Island, ME after arriving from Bermuda we were greeted by shouts and waves from the neighboring boat. Our neighbors were good friends, Scott and Kimberly (s/v Anthyllide) and we were overjoyed to see them again! Straight away Scott and Kimberly came aboard, our first visitors in the states, and it was as though we hadn’t skipped a beat. We had a great week with Anthyllide; sharing dinners, swapping stories until the wee hours of the morning, and hiking in Acadia National Park.
View from Dorr Mountain


Snacking on wild blueberries along the way


Gorge Trail from Cadillac Mountain


Our next visitors were Steve and Sally (dear ‘ol Mom & Dad)! Spending time together in person was wonderful! Steve and Sally settled right in aboard Rode Trip, their home base while vacationing at Acadia National Park. The afternoon they arrived we took our time exploring downtown, poking in and out of all the shops and eating ice cream along the way. That evening while Brian and Steve harvested fresh mussels for dinner, Sally and I walked across the bar and hiked Bar Island. Back at Rode Trip we snuggled in for the night to enjoy mussels with pasta and a blazing Newport stove.

A rainy first day didn’t slow us down. After a typical, leisurely breakfast aboard Rode Trip we ventured out and along Route 3 we stumbled upon a winery (owned by Atlantic Brewing Co.). Tasty wines, delectable cheeses, and enough chocolate to easily stock Rode Trip for, oh, I’d say about one week. We had fun sampling and received a good lesson in wine from our bartender.



Our intended stop (although I must say the winery was a nice addition during our rainy day festivities) was the Atlantic Brewing Company. At Atlantic Brewing Company we took a tour of the brewery and sampled their beers. We had a delicious lunch, and more beer, at Mainly Meat BB-Q which is located right at the brewery.



We took advantage of an opportune break in raindrops for a stroll on the carriage road around Eagle Lake. Then headed back toward town. What a day!