The End of an Era

We christened our Westsail 32 ‘Rode Trip’ on 23 June 2012 and among family and friends stepped aboard our new home. Our dream had become a reality. We set sail for anywhere, everywhere, somewhere…we’d figure it out!

It has been 812 days since we shared champagne with Neptune and started our new lifestyle at sea. The day Rode Trip was hauled from the water marked the end of an era for us.


Thanks, a BIG THANKS, to our parents, to Grandma G., and to Aunt Margaret and Uncle Barry for helping us to move off of Rode Trip. Many hands made light work and the use of vehicles was much appreciated to move our personal belongings from Deltaville, VA back to our storage corner of Grandma’s basement in Honesdale, PA. Throughout the transition, our family made sure we had plenty to eat and comfortable places to sleep.

Rode Trip underwent a mini-makeover at the yard. She’s looking so good I might buy her myself (I’m sure Brian and Bruce can handle the new boat). Rode Trip is ready for a new captain and more adventures!


Happy Anniversary, Rode Trip!

Wow! Sometimes it feels like we started this journey only yesterday and sometimes it feels like we are ‘ol salts that’ve been cruising for years…but today we celebrate our 1 Year Anniversary of the day Rode Trip set sail. Our first trip as livaboards was from Portsmouth, NH to Jewell Island, ME on June 27, 2012. On day one we were already figuring it out…having to reef the main sail that wasn’t yet rigged for reefing.

One year…6,615.8 nautical miles…six countries…too many new friends to count…

It’s been quite the adventure thus far,

and we are looking forward to year two!


1st Quarter of 2013 by the Numbers

We’ve been on the boat for just over 9 months now so without further ado, here are the numbers for January – March 2013.

How we got here
Miles travelled – 1012 nm
Hours spent motoring – 76.2
Total days underway – 30
Average Distance travelled per day – 11 nm
Average Distance travelled per underway day- 34 nm
Average hours of engine time per day – 0.8 hours
Approximate miles of motoring – 380 nm
Approximate miles of Sailing – 632 nm
Longest passage – 77 hours / 277.6 nm
Shortest Passage – 120 minutes/ 8.7 nm
Nights at a dock – 2
Nights on a mooring – 15
Nights at anchor – 73

What it cost

Total amount spent – $2,964
Total amount budgeted – $6000
$ per Day – $33
$ spent on Groceries -$1,432
$ spent on boat upgrades/maintenance – $109
$ on “utilities” propane, cellphone, Ice, etc – $175
$ on Diesel – $413
$ for entertainment (not restaurants)- $69
$ spent eating out – $428
$ spent on moorings/dockage – $234

I finally have gotten to start using my new pole spear to help supplement dinner, and have been having a great time. Most, but not all of the fish caught were speared.
Number of fish caught
Spiny Lobster – 5
Porgies – 4
Conch – 3
Snapper – 12
Grunts – 4
Grouper – 2
Lionfish – 6

Bycatch – creatures that for whatever reason were captured and then released
Remoras – 2
Conch – 4
Yellowtail Jack – 1

Total money spent on fishing equip ( from entertainment category) – $10
Estimate of money saved on fish meals – $ 360

Miscellaneous happenings
10 – Number of new visitors to the boat
2 – Countries Visited (USA, Bahamas)

We hope you enjoyed this random selection of Rode Trip facts and figures.