Conception Island, Bahamas

Conception Island is uninhabited. The island has been protected as a land and sea park by the Bahamas National Trust; it is best known for exceptional diving/snorkeling and for it’s green turtle population.  During settled, easterly weather West Bay at the northern end of the island offers protection with a mild swell.  Our chart is a bit deceiving; West Bay is large, open and easily navigable between scattered coral patches.  The water remains deep, roughly 14 feet, nearly to the beach.  From the moment we’d arrived, sailing through the sapphire blue, gin clear water with a milky white sand beach sprawled before us, we knew it was worth the trip!  However, the photos do not do justice to this small slice of paradise.



Brian and I kayaked southward along Conception Island’s coastline to a creek entrance that lead into the island’s interior.IMG_7955


At the creek entrance, we found an outgoing tide.  Water was surging out from the interior.  We attempted…paddled and paddled and paddled…waves swamped our kayaks and we were fortunate to stay afloat. Finally, we abandoned the head-on approach and let our kayaks be swept onto the rocky shoreline.  Safe!IMG_7927IMG_7929IMG_7930IMG_7931

We paddled far into the mangroves.  Through silty water, we spotted green turtles darting this way and that.  They were skittish!  We also spotted a few small sharks lurking below.IMG_7932 IMG_7933

During our paddle back toward Rode Trip, we explored a bit of the shoreline.IMG_7942IMG_7946IMG_7956IMG_7935

Time to hit the water to cool down after all this exploring!