A Day at the Hole

It was one of those days…the kind where things just aren’t going quite right and all I’d wanted to do was crawl into a dark hole and come out once again to start over.  Brian and I were NOT catching a break on weather windows although we were preparing the boat and  itching to move!  That afternoon my wishes were granted, thanks to our friends Shiv and Emily.  I crawled right into an enormous, dark, and yet brilliantly beautiful hole only to emerge refreshed!

Welcome to Dean’s Blue Hole!  This gem is located on the southern end of Long Island, Bahamas near Clarence Town.  Dean’s Blue Hole is said to be the deepest blue hole in the world, reaching a depth of 663 feet (203 meters).  It is well known to freedivers who travel to Dean’s Blue Hole to train and compete. Our friend, Shiv, is currently training.  If you’d like to learn more about freediving, let the experts Ren and Ashley at Evolve Freediving teach you.  It was Ren and Ashley who introduced us to Dean’s Blue Hole and shared with us a glimpse of their freediving world. IMG_7984Brian and I paused on the beach for a sobering moment as we observed Dean’s Blue Hole for only the second time.  We thought of Nick, whom we were so fortunate to have met during our travels.  Nick gave his life to his passion of freediving; he died during a dive competition at Dean’s Blue Hole this past November.IMG_7989

That afternoon we spent in good company while we snorkeled, dove, jumped off cliffs, flew a kite, and threw a frisbee at Dean’s Blue Hole.  We caught up with Shiv and enjoyed getting to know Emily.  We met fellow travelers, Justin and Anna.

IMG_7974IMG_7980At the end of the day we re-fuled at the Flying Fish Marina in Clarence Town.  Good eats and many laughs at the Outer Edge Grill!


Shiv & Emily

Shiv & Emily

Justin & Anna
Justin & Anna



Dean’s Blue Hole

We were in for a treat today! Our new friends, Ren and Ashley (sv/Nila Girl), were taking Brian, Matt, Jessica, and I to Dean’s Blue Hole near Clarence Town, Long Island. Dean’s Blue Hole is the deepest known, saltwater blue hole at 663-feet deep. Not only would we visit the blue hole, but we would also learn a bit from Ren and Ashley about the sport of freediving. Ren and Ashley are both freediving instructors and Ashley is a world record holder. This is an amazing sport that takes great discipline. Check out Ren and Ashley’s website to learn more: Evolve
Dean’s Blue Hole – the platform you see in the center of the hole is where divers train and compete.


Suit up! Time to check out this hole.


To the deepest depths and the highest heights…my brave companions took the plunge!



What a fabulous day! Thanks to Ren and Ashley for giving us this opportunity. On the drive home we stopped at Forest II for the absolutely best conch burger we’ve ever eaten! Long Island just keeps getting better and better.