Farewell, Piggies, It Has Been a Fabulous Visit!

We had quite the send-off on the final day of Bruce and Kathy’s visit. Still anchored snugly between Big Majors Spot and Little Majors Spot, we had already toured Thunderball Grotto and made our way back to The Barnyard (aka Pig Beach). This would be Mark’s introduction to the pigs and Bruce’s and Kathy’s farewell. We brought along our finest scraps; plantain peels, orange peels, and half-rotten carrots. The pigs came barreling down the beach at the sound of our dinghy motor.

Our first attempt to get ashore didn’t go well. These pigs were HUNGRY! They cornered us in the dinghy, continuing to swim and squeal while Brian motored back and forth just ahead of them.

Finally, Mark thought of a diversion. Brian motored just ahead of the pigs, turned toward shore, and we threw some scraps toward the beach. The pigs turned and were in hot pursuit of the scraps. Brian quickly motored in the opposite direction and got close enough to shore for Mark and I to jump out, run ashore, and dump the remaining scraps. Phew! We made it back to the dinghy just in the knick of time because the swimming pigs were still interested in us. Once they saw their friends eating, they headed back toward the beach

Back at Rode Trip we had a light lunch and enjoyed the sunshine from the deck.

Brian, Bruce, and Mark suited up for an afternoon of fishing.



Success! The fishermen had returned with two lobsters, one welch, two glass eyed snappers, and one schoolmaster.


That evening we enjoyed one final beach excursion.


When we couldn’t hold-up the sun any longer…

…we headed back to Rode Trip for sundowners and a delicious seafood feast.




Very early the following morning, Bruce and Kathy said goodbye (for now) and we all exchanged tremendous hugs. What a treat to have them aboard to share a little bit of paradise with a little bit of home.


Thunderball Grotto

Step aside, Mr. Bond, with your fancy ‘007’ status…the Grandjeans are here to save the day! Well, the Grandjeans are here to start their day with a tour of Thunderball Grotto. This cave was featured in the 1965 James Bond movie Thunderball. The scene was a helicopter rescue of Bond through the ceiling of the grotto; thank goodness, “…that locator capsule he swallowed is working…” oh how far Bond has come

To visit the grotto, it is best to enter during a slack tide. We’d learned from the Staniel Cay Divers that slack tide for the grotto occurs approximately 45-minutes prior to low tide at Nassau. We set out at 8:30am to achieve optimal swim time. Our brave men entered the cave. They explored for minutes and minutes, poking in and out of the various entrances and exits, scaling the walls, and fish spotting.

Then, they came to escort the ladies. Kathy and Bruce went swimming along into the cave, Kathy admiring the fish. Well those little Sergent Majors stopped me in my tracks! As did the Grunts and Schoolmasters. While everyone else was admiring, I scampered away back to the dinghy.

Brian had a genius idea. “Why don’t you take your snorkel off and just swim inside,” he suggested. “You can’t miss this, it’s amazing.” That worked! Without seeing the fish swarming toward me (which they don’t actually do) I was totally fine just swimming inside above them. And it was well worth the swim!


We explored the grotto for quite a while. Brian, Mark, and Kathy admired beautiful, huge fish. Too bad no fishing here! Bruce and I admired the immense cavern. And to “top” it all off, the boys clamored onto the outside of the grotto for a high jump into the sea!


Rode Trip has More Company!

Mark arrived on schedule from Chicago and we welcomed him with open arms. (Don’t think I wasn’t thinking it…I was…can we fit 5 people comfortably aboard Rode Trip!? Thank goodness we are a close-knit and adventurous family.)




It didn’t take Mark long to settle into the Bahamas. We anchored Rode Trip between Big Majors Spot and Little Majors Spot so that we’d be snuggled for the next front. Yes, the weather knew we had a new arrival and scheduled wind accordingly. Mark jumped right into the water and soon found his own treasures.


Kathy rejoiced in having her two boys in the same location.


It was soon time to get ready for dinner. Tonight, we’d be dining in style at the Staniel Cay Yacht Club. We took shifts down below, in the meantime Brian made sundowners. While out on deck amidst the scurrying of a crowded boat, I heard a familiar sound coming from Big Majors Spot. Hmmm…was that a…let me take a closer look…


Yes! Yes there were goats on Big Majors Spot! I was giddy at the sight of them and we all paused to watch them traverse the rocky shoreline.




After a beautiful sunset, we took the long dinghy ride to Staniel Cay Yacht Club.


Thanks, Bruce and Kathy for a wonderful night on the town! What a great birthday celebration for Brian and I to enjoy great company, cold drinks, and delicious food!