Brian was intruduced to sailing as a youngster on Lake Wallenpaupack, PA with his father’s Sunfish.  His family spent several memorable vacations via charter boats. In particular, Brian’s dream to sail around the world was born in the British Virgin Islands while chartering a boat captained by Justin.  He later ressurected a Tanzer 22′ from the depths of ruin when he convinced his father to purchase the boat (for a mere $500, blood, sweat, & tears).  Family and friends continue to enjoy ‘Sheetmusic’ on Lake Wallenpaupack.  Brian was a member of the  Bowdoin College Sailing Team while attending college.  During fall of his Junior year (2003) he attended a semester at sea aboard the Corwith Cramer out of Woodshole, MA.  Brian was convinced this was the life for him!  In 2004 Brian used his Bowdoin chemistry degree as a means to an end to achieve his cruising lifestyle and began working as a research chemist for Powerspan, developing clean coal solutions.  Meanwhile, Brian jumped aboard various racing sailboats in Portsmouth, NH as crew to gain addtional water time.  In 2006 he crewed a boat delivery from New York to Portland.  In 2007, he purchased a Laser and added this fleet to his weekly racing docket.  Brian re-met (the two went to high school together) Stephanie, his first and only mate, in 2007 and she was intrigued by his dream to sail.  They were married October 3, 2009.  Shortly thereafter in June 2010 they purchased Rode Trip, a 1975 Westsail 32′.  Brian transformed Rode Trip into a home and the couple moved aboard on June 21, 2012.

Stephanie grew up in the countryside of PA and was introduced to sailing when she and Brian began dating.  Stephanie spent many hours aboard Sheetmusic, the Grandjeans’ Tanzer 22′, on Lake Wallenpaupack.  She completed graduate school in 2007 from Marywood University and moved to Portsmouth, NH to live nearer Brian.  Stephanie raced from time to time as crew in the J24 fleet.  Prior to moving aboard Rode Trip, Stephanie was a Social Worker at Brooksby Village retirement community.  Now living the cruising life, she is the ship’s Communications Officer keeping in touch with family and friends and sharing the adventure via the blog.

Thanks to friends and family for your  hard work and support.  Brian and Stephanie hope that you will join them along the way!

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  1. Great photo! Looking forward to traveling vicariously! All good fortune to you and your trip!

  2. It was lovely meeting you two. Great pix of Cape May Olive Oil Company!! Thanks. Wish you guys only the best. Safe sailing and have fun. I will be tracking you!!

  3. Greetings from S/V Heron. We’ve been reading your very interesting website and learning a lot. We very much enjoyed meeting you at Journey’s End in Rockland, Maine. Wanted to let you know we did purchase Heron August 10, 2012. We made a few hard attempts to sail south to Florida. Ended up transporting Heron via truck to Port Canaveral. She is now berthed in Harbortown Marina in Merritt Island along with two other Westsails. The mast was taken down to transport and we are now preparing to paint and replace wiring. Our goal is to have the mast up and rigged by March. Then we will be ready to set sail. We truly love our Westsail. Hope to read more of your adventures and maybe meet up again.

    Jan and Larry

  4. The perfect love story. The love of boats and sailing but most of all the first love. Best wishes to both of you. Judy

  5. It’s wonderful to hear from you both! Congrats on your new (old) Westsail! I do hope you enjoy Heron, we’re very happy with our Westsail. Rode Trip seems to be frolicking along while we get our butts kicked in some of these strong wind passages. But we do stay comfortable and have ample storage room. Best luck with the rigging and I hope to keep in touch.

  6. Thanks, Judy! Stay warm…we hear from Bill that it’s darn cold up in NH these days. Glad you’re following we’ll be in touch!

  7. Be sure to thank Skip Hird of SV ‘Eleanor M’ for maintaining the trails on Stocking Island over the past 15 years.

  8. I’m thrilled that you’re checking on our travels! Thanks so much for sharing this info! We will be back through Georgetown/Stocking Island area within the next week. We’ll search for Skip, if he is there he most certainly deserves a “Thank You!” The trails were beautifully maintained and well marked. We really enjoyed them!

  9. Thanks for posting the photos of the mermaid. I was fourtunate enough to be a part of the making of the sculpture. I had the task of taking a bodycast from Copperfields girlfriend (tough job) then sculpting the mermaid from the bodycast. I havent actually seen the final peice in person, dang it. Happy sailing!

  10. Wow! So glad you found and enjoyed our photos! We really loved seeing the statue and writing about this whimsical experience. I can’t believe you actually helped to create it – thanks for sharing! From the looks of your handiwork, Copperfield’s gal is quite a looker.

  11. Hi Mike! Thanks for following along our adventures. (I see you’ve just added an inflatable kayak and I’ve heard great reviews of those, enjoy!) Our boat has a draft of 5.5 – the Dismal Swamp Canal has a controlled depth of 6 and we’ve had no issues with depth in that canal either this year or last. From Dismal on to Oriental, NC there is potential for shoaling in the canals, creeks, and sounds but we stay in the center of canals and follow our chart plus nav aids to stay in depths of 7 or higher in the creeks and sounds and we’ve been a-ok!

  12. Thanks for the info! I see I left my question in an odd place. Was looking for your boat info when I decided to ask a question. Fair winds and hope to meet you guys in person some day


  13. Hey! Awesome blog! I saw your post about your travels to Inagua National Park. I have been wanting to go there for years! (I’m one of those birders.) But I have trouble getting a tour arranged at the national park. How did you get in contact with Henry from the park? Your pictures look amazing and I hope to see that one someday!

  14. Wonderful! Honestly, there was no formality to schedule a tour. We’d actually met a local family during our wanderings around the town and told them we were interested in the park. They spotted Henry in the street and said, “he’s your man!” We walked over and talked with him directly and he arranged to take us on a tour, and on a Saturday no less! There is a per-person fee but I don’t recall the amount, $15-$20 maybe? If you get out to Inagua it shouldn’t be difficult to see the sights once there. Good luck bird watching!

  15. I’ve been enjoying your blog for some time now. I have a question with regard to your trip to Conception Island. Is that a Wi-Fi signal I see on your iPad in the screen shot? Thanks, Karl

  16. Hi Karl, thanks for reading! Yes, you do see a wifi signal at the top of my chart screenshot. I can assure you that was not a signal obtained at Conception.

  17. Hey, thanks for the email. Glad you made it to Provodencia! Love the way you didn’t stop in Jamaica …. you guys are too funny. Also, the email gave me the link to your website … I will now follow your every move. 🙂
    We are happily tied up in Brunswick Georgia after a fast 2 day sail up from Green Turtle Cay in the Abacos. Fly home to Melbourne, Australia on Monday for a month.
    Keep in touch guys. xx

  18. Been following your and Serendipty web sites. I am on Wilton Creek where you were for Sandy to pass.

    I saw where you guys are headed to Deltaville. If I can assist you in any way, give me a call 804-776-8387 or email. We are just back from Canadian Maritimes and will head out on Bay for a week about 9/12. Otherwise we will be around.

    Bojangles – Sabre 34

  19. Started at the beginning of your blog…can’t wait to see where it goes.
    However, I just got to DC and saw the Boy Scout monument. I’m also a Eagle Scout and had to laugh aloud. Awesome.
    I recently bought a sailboat after opting for the rowing merit badge during scouting…big mistake. The rowing choice, not the sailboat.
    Hope you guys are well..and I look forward to readings your story.

  20. Ben, great to meet you! I do hope you enjoy reading about our ventures and, my goodness, has our story taken a turn! I won’t spoil it for you, but do stay in touch! ~Stephanie

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