The Next Big Move

It wasn’t easy, but Brian and I sorted through all of our
personal belongings and boat gear and managed to pack just 128
pounds of stuff to fly with us to France. We also included Brian’s
bicycle and stuffed the bicycle shipping box full of whatever we
could. PHEW! This brings a whole new meaning to our already
minimalist lifestyle!

We had a smooth flight on Norwegian Air from JFK
with one layover in London and finally landed in Nice, France. For
those of you tossing around the idea of visiting us in Europe,
Norwegian has excellent rates, take a peek you’ll be surprised.
Brian and I rented a car through EuroCar; here presented our first
challenge, getting the bicycle into a Fiat Panda. I’d never even
heard of a Fiat Panda but it is an adorable, boxy, purple car and
it most certainly does not have room 128 pounds of luggage and a
bicycle shipping box. We took the disassembled bike out of the
shipping box and viola! Everything fit! One of the EuroCar
attendants helped Brian find a trash bin for the enormous cardboard
box. So far not much different from our usual cruising travels;
land, ditch trash, continue exploring! But now that we’ve moved,
what about the blog? How will you continue to explore with us? Keep
following our ventures at the new blog site! We’ve moved from Rode Trip and now as we prepare for Sailing Detour, we’ll still be
exploring, and learning, and thinking of you every step of the