Final by the Numbers

With Rode Trip out of the water it is time for one last by the numbers post. Here is the rundown for the entire time we were living aboard Rode Trip.

812 days on Rode Trip
267 days underway
33% days travelling
169 single day trips
98 days underway as part of overnight passage
22 overnight passages
4.5 days average length of passage
111 # visiting people aboard
2 # visiting dogs aboard
17 passages over 200 miles
937 engine hours
4498 miles motored
9353 miles under sail
1.2 nm shortest distance sail
1825.1 nm longest distance sail
72.3 nm average sail
26.2 nm median sail
4.3 kts overall average speed
6.66 kts highest average speed for a passage
41 number of days traveled on ICW
226 number of days traveled on ocean
$ 16,739.00 spent on Rode Trip maintenance, marinas, and gear
$ 11,007.00 spent on groceries, paper towels, and cleaning products
$ 1,441.00 on utilities and data plans
$ 6,108.00 on entertainment/eating out
$ 1,120.00 on clothing/toiletries
8 countries visited
5 logbooks filled


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