The End of an Era

We christened our Westsail 32 ‘Rode Trip’ on 23 June 2012 and among family and friends stepped aboard our new home. Our dream had become a reality. We set sail for anywhere, everywhere, somewhere…we’d figure it out!

It has been 812 days since we shared champagne with Neptune and started our new lifestyle at sea. The day Rode Trip was hauled from the water marked the end of an era for us.


Thanks, a BIG THANKS, to our parents, to Grandma G., and to Aunt Margaret and Uncle Barry for helping us to move off of Rode Trip. Many hands made light work and the use of vehicles was much appreciated to move our personal belongings from Deltaville, VA back to our storage corner of Grandma’s basement in Honesdale, PA. Throughout the transition, our family made sure we had plenty to eat and comfortable places to sleep.

Rode Trip underwent a mini-makeover at the yard. She’s looking so good I might buy her myself (I’m sure Brian and Bruce can handle the new boat). Rode Trip is ready for a new captain and more adventures!


12 thoughts on “The End of an Era

  1. I know that had to be a tough day for you. .. And writing this probably was, too. Onward and upward!

  2. Aunt Mary, the sniffles didn’t last too long. We are excited for our move to the new boat! Lots of logistics, but more adventuring soon to come!

  3. Don’t forget to send us a link to the new blog. I’m guessing it will need a new name/URL.

  4. Mark, not to worry the new blog site is ready and waiting! We’ll transition over soon and are keeping it user friendly so that subscribers will still get notified for the new site during the transition and Rode Trip visitors will be linked.

  5. So you’re not giving up sailing altogether? Sorry it’s been a while since I visited your blog.

    Saw your comment about moving to a new boat/blog. Always fun for me to see the adventures people are having with their boats. I’m doing a refit so it’ll be a while before I splash again.

    Happy sailing!

  6. Daniel, we are absolutely not done sailing! We are in transition, moving to a new sailboat awaiting us in France. Small refit list for the new boat and anxious to hit the water! Move stories to come ⛵

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