Irish Magic

The sun was smiling down on the Chesapeake, and there was a hint of a breeze at the docks where we met Aunt Margaret and Uncle Barry. The morning had sailing potential! Aunt Margaret had called us while we drinking our morning coffee to invite us to join them aboard Irish Magic, their Catalina 350.  Irish Magic was ship-shape when we arrived and ready to set sail!

Margaret and Barry have a wonderful system at their slip.  Irish Magic has permanent dock lines; when ready to leave they cast off the lines and when they return the lines are ready to pick-up.  We released the dock lines and Barry expertly backed out of the slip and turned into the channel.  We motored out into the Rappahannock River.

IMG_9890There were many boats enjoying the day.  A “fishing fleet” was anchored; all pleasure boats fishing in the day’s most popular spot.  Just outside of the channel, Barry raised the sails.  He demonstrated the simplicity of roller furling by first raising the roller furled main and then raising the roller furled genoa.  He never left the cockpit and the sails were raised with ease.  Wow!  Now that is something we could get used to!

IMG_9894Margaret took the wheel as we sailed smoothly up the Rappahannock River.  With 15 knots of steady wind, we sailed upwind upriver and then downwind down river.  IMG_9893IMG_9896

It was a magical day!

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  1. My fabulous sister and her husband Popeye the Sailor Man….know how to live!
    Thanks for sharing your magical day!

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