Bahamas Reunion

It’s a rare occurrence to have nearly all of the cruisers we know gathered in one location, and extremely rare for those cruisers to be within the 20-45 year-old age group. (I realize that is a large span of ages, but that is the “young cruiser” crowd.) We simply couldn’t miss the opportunity to play among friends while in the Bahamas. So, even though it felt totally wrong to want to go back to Georgetown…there we went!

We’d spent about one week at Georgetown where we’d reunited with our good friends, Scott & Kim (s/v Anthyllide). We were pleasantly surprised to find our friend, Eric (s/v Nightjar), in the Bahamas as well as our friend, Phil (s/v Otego). We enjoyed many campfires, game-nights, hikes, cocktail hours, and dinner parties with s/v Rainbow Connection, s/v Lutra, s/v Nila Girl, s/v Gem, and s/v Mirador. And we met new friends, JR & Drena (s/v Journey), Sylvain (s/v Sly-San), and Rebecca & Brian (s/v Summertime Rolls). There were several friends passing through; Fred (s/v North Star), Jim & Bess (s/v Destiny), Karen & Dave (s/v Carissa), and Jonathan & Dorothy (s/v Egret). It’s easy to see how our boating community quickly grows!

Soon we had an overabundance of social stimulation, and so it was time to move the party elsewhere. Rode Trip and Nila Girl returned to the Ragged Islands where we continued to meet new friends and reconvene with ‘ol pals.

6 thoughts on “Bahamas Reunion

  1. It is great to see so many young cruisers out there living an adventurous live. In the end, theirs will be a much richer life than those who postpone their adventures in pursuit of Money.

  2. met Scott and Kim on s/v Anthyllide last night at the Breeze…..they gave us your message!! Soooooo missin you guys! Be safe…..fair winds……WHERE are YOU NOW???

  3. Stephanie and Brain are an amazing couple ,kudos to them.I am loving all your adventures.Looking forward to talking to you soon.xoxo

  4. Scott, you couldn’t have said it better – we sure can’t have experiences like these at work…and when we need money, “we’ll figure it out!”

  5. Penny, so happy you’ve connected with Anthyllide! We’re pals with Scott and Kim and we assured them they’d have a blast at Long Island 😉 Still in Providencia…stories coming to ya

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