Have Friends Will Travel

We’d departed Salt Pond, Long Island with a fabulous group of friends, bound for Flamingo Cay, in the Jumentos Cays.  Per usual when sailing among friends as soon as the anchors were off the bottom the race began!

s/v Lutra; Patti and her four-legged first mate Mariah

s/v Lutra; Patti and her four-legged first mate Mariah

s/v Rainbow Connection; Jamel & Tania with guests, Shellee (aka Jamel's Mom) and Don (aka Jamel's Grandpa)

s/v Rainbow Connection; Jamel & Tania with guests, Shellee (aka Jamel’s Mom) and Don (aka Jamel’s Grandpa)

s/v Nila Girl; Ren, Ashley, and Ani

s/v Nila Girl; Ren, Ashley, and Ani

It was a fabulous sail!  Rode Trip had her first opportunity to fly double head sails; jib and genoa.  We hanked-on the genoa and flew the jib freely.  With the head sails rigged and the main down, the windvane steered marvelously down a straight course line.

It was a beautiful day for Brian, the Birthday Boy, and while we sailed along topside down below a bake-off was underway.  Everyone pulled out their best cookie recipes to make birthday treats for our arrival.  At Flamingo Cay we had the entire anchorage to ourselves.  Once the boats were settled at anchor, we took to the beach for cold beers, fresh cookies, and a re-cap of the day’s sail.IMG_5498IMG_5338


13 thoughts on “Have Friends Will Travel

  1. Happy Birthday, Brian!

    I get such a chuckle that your email arrives this morning ….where we here are facing another seriously cold day in the Winter That Never Ends !!! It says 21 degrees outside on our thermometer and typically it is always actually colder than that outside….Sigh!!!

  2. Happy Birthday Brian. Love the picture of you sailing under a twin head sail rig. We did about 60% of our two circumnavigations under twin head sails.

  3. Scott, we are having a BLAST with the double head sail rig. We still have to tweak some of our set-up and take-down, but once set it is lovely sailing! Couldn’t have accomplished it without your fabulous plans!

  4. Ann, so glad we could finally access the internet and share our current travels with you. Down in the Jumentos and Raggeds we are really off the grid as far as communication goes. Bummer it is SO COLD back home…more reason to snuggle!

  5. Dennis, what better way to spend a birthday than “racing” among friends! So great to sail with equally matched boats; 2 Pearson 35′, 1 Bayfield 32′, and 1 custom catch 36′. I must say though that none of these had the courage to raft-up to the mighty Westsail.

  6. Happy Birthday Brian….a little late. Us Laser guys miss chasing you around the buoys. But damn, it looks like fun cruising (of course us racers would never do well with it). Screw the double jib thing…we’d rig a spinnaker and a blooper!

  7. Thanks. For the Birthday wishes! I certainly had a good one. Now you’ve got me thinking about more sails….if we tear out the v- berth we could probably add a couple spinnakers and a blooper…hmm we don’t really need a place to sleep!

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