9 thoughts on “Snorkeling at Conception Island

  1. My, you are such talented videographers! That fish is really blue…love it. Question….on a previous video the music was the Muppets singing Moving Right Along…I couldn’t find it on iTunes…any advice?

    As you may know we are having Wonderful Winter Weather here…another storm on the way tomorrow. So your blog and video are just the antidote! Thank you!

  2. Tom, no fishing at Conception, it is a national wildlife reserve…although since lionfish are invasive maybe that protection does not apply to them? Brian will snag a lionfish elsewhere whenever he can and they are delicious!

  3. Ann, unfortunately we don’t have good internet capabilities to help you search on iTunes…we found that song in our music library on our hard drive and it fit perfectly!

    I can hardly picture snow these days… 😉 stay cozy!

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