Gingerbread, The Latest and Greatest Shipbuilding Material

Our top engineer, Jennifer, and chemist, Brian, went straight to work designing this ship.


Brian’s “game face” …creative juices are flowing!




Here comes the frosting.


Inside structural support for the deck.


The stage is set…


Mast attempt #1 – this design, although true to form for a square sailed boat, was much too heavy when rigged with two fruit-roll-up sails.


A masterpiece! She sails beautifully through the sparkling blue waters, so clear you can see the coral and fishes below!


Our captain steers with the mighty tiller.


Dream boat! Happy Holidays!!


8 thoughts on “Gingerbread, The Latest and Greatest Shipbuilding Material

  1. It looks like you had a fun Christmas on Rode Trip with your guests. Have a safe and happy New Year, we hope to see you if you ever get back this way.

  2. That is a better idea than a sleigh for Santa to deliver presents to cruisers. He will love you for thinking of it and then making it for him. (I presume it was made for Santa!)

  3. LOVE those ginger-boats! i’m a big fan of that fruit roll up sail! Hope you had a merry christmas!

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