3rd Quarter 2013 – By the Numbers

The 3rd quarter of 2013 included one of our first large purchases since we’ve moved aboard Rode Trip. Our “new to us” main sail certainly made an impact on our budget during this quarter. We also loaded enough groceries onto Rode Trip to lower our water line a couple of inches. We are FULLY provisioned at this point, and as far as groceries are concerned we could head offshore tomorrow without needing to stop at a grocery store.

How we got here
Miles travelled – 1,759.9 nm
Hours motoring – 101.8 hours
Days underway – 36
Average distance per day – 19.3 nm
Average distance per underway day – 48.9 nm
Average hours of engine time per day – 1.1 hr
Approximate miles of motoring – 509 nm
Approximate miles of sailing – 1,250.9 nm
Longest passage (hours/nautical miles) – 833.5nm / 212 hrs
Shortest passage ( time/nautical miles) – 6.6 nm / 2.0 hrs
Nights at dock – 2
Nights on mooring – 27 ( Thanks Mike!)
Nights underway – 15
Nights at anchor – 47

Despite the fact that Rode Trip sat un-moving for nearly an entire month this quarter the passage to Maine and the passage south to Norfolk really bolstered our numbers to keep our quarterly miles up.

What it cost
Total amount spent – $5,777
Total amount budgeted – $6000
$/day – 63
$ spent on groceries – 2,181
$ spent on boat upgrades/maintenance – 1,156
$ spent on “utilities” (propane, cell phone, ice etc. ) – 182
$ spent on diesel – 301
$ for entertainment (not restaurants) – 106
$ eating out – 323
$ spent moorings/dockage – 0

This quarter’s budget was dominated by a couple of large expenses including our main sail and land travel to Pennsylvania to visit our families.  In addition we have the boat FULLY re-provisioned from Portsmouth. We knew the best places to really stock up on the items that we use the most. We should really see our grocery bills drop off in the coming months.


New visitors to Rode Trip – 5
Number of countries visited – 2 (Bermuda, USA)
Teeth cleaned – 56 – Took advantage of being near our dentist.
New babies met – 4
Fish caught – 1

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