BIG News…It’s Ocean Crossing Time!

I’m interrupting the previously scheduled blog post to bring you breaking news…that’s right, this is real time information…this is a BIG deal so pay close attention…

Rode Trip is setting sail today, Monday June 3, 2013 to begin our leap across the Atlantic Ocean! This is a BIG undertaking for us; approximately a four week long passage from Grand Cayman Island to the Azores (with only one potential stop at Bermuda, weather permitting).

We’ve worked closely with our Admin to enable you to follow along this journey with us. We’ll be providing real time updates by sending our exact location via SPOT. Make sure to check the tab at the top of our site labeled ‘Atlantic Crossing’ to our SPOT coordinates along our pre-planned route. On this progress map you’ll also see wind and wave forecasts so that you can imagine how smooth or treacherous our passage is going.

We’ll miss you! In the meantime, please continue to enjoy the rest of our Caribbean adventures.

18 thoughts on “BIG News…It’s Ocean Crossing Time!

  1. Wish the two of you the best of luck and enjoy the adventure! Be safe!

  2. Fair winds and following seas…Sue and I will follow you trans Atlantic with inerest.

  3. Hey guys! We have been following your progress for quite a while now and are loving your story:D. So excited for this big cross in a fellow Westsail 32. May she get you there safely.


  4. We have a Westsail, too, and have so enjoyed following you. We are still getting our feet wet in Cape Canaveral. Hope to be as brave as you someday. Wishing you the best!

  5. God speed guys! You’ll be in our thoughts… Can’t wait to hear about your adventure across the pond!

  6. Be wise, be vigilant, sail smart, and don’t slip on those banana peels!
    Us Laser Guys from Portsmouth and Newburyport

  7. Fantastic goal! We are sure you will be just fine, have a blast!

  8. For those of you who might be a bit worried about TS Andrea and its location relative to Rode Trip, it looks like they should be fine, but a bit uncomfortable. At 4pm today, 6/6/13, Andrea was about 350 miles north of them and heading much more quickly than they are to the NNE. In their position they should be seeing winds in the 25 to 30 knot range from the S (behind them which is more comfortable than from the front). By tomorrow morning the winds should have dropped to closer to 20 knots from the SW and by tomorrow evening they’ll be wishing for some more wind, and those of you in New England will be watching it approach you.

    Mark on “Por Dos” in the Azores.

  9. Westsails hold their own out in the BIG ocean! We just met another W32 (from Rio Dulce to Azores; single handed delivery) here in Bermuda too, guess they’ve still got spunk, good ‘ol boats!

  10. You’ll be out on the high seas in no time, just have to play it smart and know that your Westsail will take care of you. Thanks for checking in with us!

  11. Thanks for this perfect weather report, Mark, that was exactly what Rode Trip was experiencing out on the water. In addition, we had 6-8 foot seas (probably higher) that did make us uncomfortable. But all that wind propelled our heavy, little boat onward and we were thankful it was in an appropriate direction so we could continue to sail. Of course, we were wishing for more wind once we got to the 10-15 knot range…but we’re patient and we made it slow and steady!

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