All Play and No Work Makes a Dull Cruiser

During our passage from Great Inagua, Bahamas to Port Antonio, Jamaica while doing sail changes I’d noticed that the railing around the bowsprit was a bit wobbly. Shaking it quite vigorously, I pointed this out to Brian who took one look at the base and said, “OH, it’s cracked!” So for the duration of the passage I couldn’t rely on the lifelines or the railing for stability up on the bow.

We wanted to get this fixed before our next passage because it just wasn’t safe to have a cracked railing. So Brian went to work disassembling the railing from the bowsprit.


Fortunately, Brian found a welder nearby and was able to take the railing to be properly repaired. The welder dropped what he was doing to complete the project, what service! $800 Jamaican dollars later ($8.00USD) we had a neatly welded base.


Brian reinstalled the railing in no time! Now we’re ready once again to get underway.


2 thoughts on “All Play and No Work Makes a Dull Cruiser

  1. Good work! I am so impressed with your fix-it skills or finding someone who can help you! I love following your adventures and your photos are amazing!

  2. Thanks, Ann. There is always something in need of fixing or improving…I’m equally impressed with Brian’s newfound handyman skills! Although, I have put in an order for a newer and potentially larger sailboat 🙂

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