Rode Trip has More Company!

Mark arrived on schedule from Chicago and we welcomed him with open arms. (Don’t think I wasn’t thinking it…I was…can we fit 5 people comfortably aboard Rode Trip!? Thank goodness we are a close-knit and adventurous family.)




It didn’t take Mark long to settle into the Bahamas. We anchored Rode Trip between Big Majors Spot and Little Majors Spot so that we’d be snuggled for the next front. Yes, the weather knew we had a new arrival and scheduled wind accordingly. Mark jumped right into the water and soon found his own treasures.


Kathy rejoiced in having her two boys in the same location.


It was soon time to get ready for dinner. Tonight, we’d be dining in style at the Staniel Cay Yacht Club. We took shifts down below, in the meantime Brian made sundowners. While out on deck amidst the scurrying of a crowded boat, I heard a familiar sound coming from Big Majors Spot. Hmmm…was that a…let me take a closer look…


Yes! Yes there were goats on Big Majors Spot! I was giddy at the sight of them and we all paused to watch them traverse the rocky shoreline.




After a beautiful sunset, we took the long dinghy ride to Staniel Cay Yacht Club.


Thanks, Bruce and Kathy for a wonderful night on the town! What a great birthday celebration for Brian and I to enjoy great company, cold drinks, and delicious food!




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