White Cay Beach Tours – Day 1

On Wednesday, we were finally settling into our own schedule. Weather came first, of course, with an early morning wake-up call at 6:30am. We were hoping to hold onto that Thursday departure date but it was moved back to possibly Saturday on account of the front moving through bringing strong winds in the wrong direction for our next intended stop. After weather Brian made breakfast while I did around the house type chores. After breakfast, we took turns with Spanish lessons before getting ready to hit the beach.

Our goal for the remainder of the week was to spend ample parts of our days on the various little islands surrounding our anchorage. This way we could see the sights, get some exercise, and spend time on solid ground. We needed a break from the boat which had been bobbing to and fro at anchor thanks to those strong winds. Brian gathered his fishing and snorkeling gear and I gathered books, beach towels, and snacks. We took the kayaks and paddled to the farthest beach.


Here we took a walk around the island, which incidentally is for sale if anyone is interested.




Brian found a swim fin and kept is as a spare because it was just the right fit.


We settled on the beach for an afternoon of reading, dipping in and out of the water, and fishing.

6 thoughts on “White Cay Beach Tours – Day 1

  1. Looks and sounds like you’re both doing great…love your photos…magnificent little beaches! I’m sure you know that we’re surviving Nemo up here in New England…it was quite challenging no heat/power for 30 hours or so…some still w/out, so I’m grateful! No school today in RI and nearby Ma.
    Smooth sailing,

  2. Yes, I think Katie would approve a farm in the Bahamas…fresh water might pose a minor detail on that particular island, but we all have inventive minds!

  3. We heard about the snow on our weather forecasts. Glad your area is quickly recovering. We are truly enjoying our newfound, daily sunshine. It’s a challenge to decide where to go each day!

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