Bare Essentials

The rainy weather this weekend gave us the perfect opportunity to get our wardrobe ready for cruising.  After several hours sorting, folding, and resorting we were able to narrow our clothing options to bare essentials that will neatly line the v-berth.  Let’s hope it all fits!

His (front row) & Hers (back row) Cruising Wardrobe

Shoes for every occasion!

4 thoughts on “Bare Essentials

  1. Stephanie — What percentage would you guess is cotton vs non-cotton. I’m guessing you would minimize cotton because of quicker drying time and better warmth in wet conditions..

  2. Good question, Mark. After a quick tally of my clothes I would say 40% are non-cotton. Brian’s non-cotton is likely a higher % because he has quite the stash of synthetic t-shirts. You are right on target with quicker drying time and warmth for non-cotton. I’m armed with fleece and wool as well as several synthetic layers for chilly ME nights. Cotton is less suited for colder weather, but it does still retain heat when wet. Cotton will be ok in the tropics.

  3. Hmmm…since I’ll likely be in warm places, my “sandals” double as heels and I’m going to ask my awesome sister-in-law to watch over a pair of heels just in case I need them in a pinch for state side festivities.

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