Quick Update

To all you faithful readers who might worry that Rode Trip sailed off the edge of the earth I want to share this brief email that we received from them last Wednesday, April 17th.

“We are safe and loving life at Duncan Town on Hog Cay in the Ragged Islands. Still with Serendipity and they are well too. We have consistent east winds forecasted, sailing north to Flamingo Cay tomorrow then waiting out gales Fri & Sat. Hope to make our 3 day jump to Jamaica next week. No Internet til we are settled at Jamaica, keep you posted as soon as we can.”

I can also share a couple of pictures I swiped from Evolve Freediving’s Facebook Page at a salt pond while they were still on Long Island in the Bahamas.

Brian skipping rocks.
Stephanie sporting a homemade coconut palm hat.

Dean’s Blue Hole

We were in for a treat today! Our new friends, Ren and Ashley (sv/Nila Girl), were taking Brian, Matt, Jessica, and I to Dean’s Blue Hole near Clarence Town, Long Island. Dean’s Blue Hole is the deepest known, saltwater blue hole at 663-feet deep. Not only would we visit the blue hole, but we would also learn a bit from Ren and Ashley about the sport of freediving. Ren and Ashley are both freediving instructors and Ashley is a world record holder. This is an amazing sport that takes great discipline. Check out Ren and Ashley’s website to learn more: Evolve
Dean’s Blue Hole – the platform you see in the center of the hole is where divers train and compete.


Suit up! Time to check out this hole.


To the deepest depths and the highest heights…my brave companions took the plunge!



What a fabulous day! Thanks to Ren and Ashley for giving us this opportunity. On the drive home we stopped at Forest II for the absolutely best conch burger we’ve ever eaten! Long Island just keeps getting better and better.

Rise with the Sunshine

We’ve spend only a few days at Long Island and have met some of the most amazing (and “funnest”) people yet! Brian and I were thankful to have shared our Easter Sunday with this group who gathered at the beach for a sunrise service.




As the first rays of the sun peeked through the clouds, we joined in song and prayer.

The sun brightly shone to warm our blustery morning, and we continued festivities at the beach.


Egg wars; who will be the next champion…


Palm creations; these are some talented men!


Good friends, good food, good times…and mimosas all around! Special thanks to Penny & John for arranging this service with the help of their friends and bringing everyone together. Thanks to Ren, Ashley, Joe, and Ally for getting us to church time time (very early in the morning!)