Octoberfest Dinner Party – October 25, 2012

We had the perfect opportunity on Thursday, while everyone was in the same location, to invite our friends for an evening of food, drink, and good company. Now I’m not one to brag, but entertaining is one of our specialties! Our friends know spending time with the Grandjeans is bound to result in FUN! We’ve of course had bon voyage, sleepovers, made breakfasts, had pizza parties, played games…ok so we have entertained aboard Rode Trip. But this time we were cooking dinner, like good ‘ol homestyle dinner, and were very excited to share our Pumpkin Stuffed with Everything Good!

Brian and I puttered around the boat that morning and completed our chores. We ordered several supplies to be delivered at cousin Maggie’s during our stopover in Beaufort, NC. Then we went ashore to complete our checklist of supplies at Napa and groceries for this evening.

On our way back to the boat we found more friends, Sanity Check, docked at the Deltaville Marina. Fantastic! We went over for a visit with Tony and Judy. We had met Sanity Check in Cuttyhunk, MA then again found one another at Point Judith, RI. They had been at the marina for nearly a month due to repairs. It was great to catch up!

Back at home Brian and I shifted into entertain mode. Brian created a marinade, I chopped, grated, and cleaned dishes. We set out drinks; today’s special Hurricanes and Dark & Stormies. The pumpkin went into the oven and Brian took the dinghy to pick up Scott and Kim.

Hooray for friends! Rode Trip was soon alive with chatter and laughter with Scott, Kim, Matt, and Jessica. We started off with pumpkin seeds and Matt and Jess’s chips and hummus. Drinks poured; Dark and Stormies were delicious as was Scott and Kim’s Apple Pie Moonshine. Once again we were entertained by stories of Scott and Kim’s adventures aboard Anthyllide. We shared photos from our costumed Santacon and Halloween adventures in NYC. Matt and Jess shared pop-culture updates for those of us behind the times with TV, music, etc. Everyone enjoyed the pumpkin and mesquite chicken. We devoured Kim’s brownies as the night progressed. We all discussed the impending hurricane and sought out the best location to hunker down. Scott and Kim are not happy to be on the hard through the storm, we hope all goes smoothly at the boat yard. Come 1:00am we had to say farewell and everyone headed home. So much fun! Can’t wait for more good times to come!



Family Fun in Deltaville!

Brian’s Aunt Margaret and Uncle Barry live nearby Deltaville, VA and we were excited to see them during our stopover here. On Wednesday evening, they came to meet us at the Deltaville Marina. We invited them for a boat tour. Unfortunately, Uncle Barry couldn’t risk the dinghy ride for fear of getting his foot wet after a recent surgery. Aunt Margaret did come out to see Rode Trip. She thought Rode Trip was rather cozy.

Aunt Margaret and Uncle Barry then took us for a boat tour of their boat Irish Magic, a Catalina. Such a lovely boat! I especially enjoyed the seats in the cockpit that were built into the stern rails. The interior was very roomy and the layout seemed very workable for living and sailing. Aunt Margaret and Uncle Barry enjoy sailing when the wind is just right. They can come to the marina head out into the bay very easily and head back home for the night. Now that’s how to cruise!


After our boat tours we went to Cocomo’s for dinner. A charming, waterfront restaurant with lighted, fake palm trees along the walkway. I pointed out the floating trailers and Uncle Barry directed me toward the docks that were lined with these little homes. They looked like pontoon boats with a double-wide set on top. They had little porches extending over the water. Mostly used for vacationers, he explained they are roomy and have a loft above for sleeping. Many have added outboards to be deemed boats and avoid property taxes. Clever!

We enjoyed a tasty crab cake dinner. We learned a lot about Aunt Margaret’s and Uncle Barry’s sailing adventures when they would cruise with Brian’s cousins, Maggie & Katie. We laughed about some hairy situations that eventually turned out well. I learned that Margaret is not a fan of wetness inside boats, one of my own pet peeves. We’ve both filled our cabins with hanging sheets, blankets, and foul weather gear trying to dry out. We reminisced about Cuttyhunk Island, a location that Aunt Margaret and Uncle Barry frequented. Thanks so much for a great evening!

Deltaville Walking Tour – October 24, 2012

Big day today! Brian, Matt, Jess, and I headed ashore in Deltaville. We had a checklist of stops along our way to visit Scott and Kim at Chesapeake Boat Works where Anthyllide was on the hard.

We took a romantic walk, guys out-speeding us up front and gals strolling behind, down Lovers Lane to the local library to use the wifi connection. Brian was able to download new charting program, iNavX, along with several charts that we would need in the coming weeks. In the meantime Jess caught up with gossip magazines, I read about Bahamas islands in a travel guide, and Matt consulted with Brian about charts.


After the library, we stopped at West Marine. This was the largest West Marine that I had experienced. Who knew we would find it in little Deltaville! We browsed for a while and made mental lists of items we would purchase on the way home so that we didn’t have to carry them around all day.

Onward to Fishing Bay Road that led us to Anthyllide. Along the way Matt walked right through a spider web. Then Brian cleverly tried to move the huge spider still attached to a web that was hanging in our path, but instead he swung the spider around in a circle toward all of our faces. As we dodged to get out of the path of the now flying spider Jess ended up falling on the ground! Brian managed to get the spider into the woods and Jess was totally fine, thank goodness! There was no more touching spiderwebs after that.

At the Chesapeake Boat Works yard we had just missed Kim, she was on her way to Richmond to deliver chain for re-galvanizing. But we did get to interrupt Scott from his work for a bit. We took a peek at Anthyllide’s bottom, looking good! Scott and Kim had scraped, sanded, and re-painted. Jess and I admired Kim’s very straight water line. We chatted in the yard for quite a while sharing updates on boat projects, Scott & Brian found a new commonality in mushroom harvesting, and we compared our adventures in Washington DC. We finally let Scott get back to work and set out back toward town.



I did sample some of the many soy beans that we passed along our travels. They were dry, clearly. It was not my best find for scavenging.


The next stop on our list was the grocery store, still .5 miles away. We stumbled upon the Waterways Guide office/headquarters – this was a surprise to me but the readers of Serendipity informed me that this location was written right in the guide. On our way in we startled the gal working as she wasn’t expecting customers to come into her office. Matt and Jess purchased the Bahamas guide fresh off the press 2013 edition.


Back on the road we checked the map because we thought we had maybe passed the grocery store. We now have a new map thanks to our iPad updates while in the library earlier that morning. Goodbye Google Maps, Hello iMaps. I was NOT happy about this. But did apple even ask if we wanted their silly maps, no! The map told us we had passed the grocery store so we doubtfully turned around. The Scott went whizzing past in a car! How he had acquired this car…hmmm. He turned around to give us a lift to the grocery store that we hadn’t passed (way to be accurate, iMaps). Scott was driving the boat yard’s lender car. Pretty sweet wheels, a chevy SUV, made piling in easy.

Famished, we got lunch and a few staple items at the grocery store. We chowed down on the stoop. Classy cruisers!


On the walk back Scott passed by once again. We were nearly in the same location. He gave us a lift to West Marine where we completed that mental checklist created earlier. Carrying all our goods now we headed directly for the dinghy to get us back home.