Marathon Weekend

When Brian first suggested that we run a marathon, my response was not unlike when he first told me (date #1) that he wanted to sail around the world – “You’re crazy!”  After some soul searching, and recognizing the need to get off my lazy butt so that I could rock out a bathing suit when embarking my new lifestyle, I decided marathoning was actually a good idea.  In typical Grandjean style we quickly turned this idea into a monumental event and invited as many friends and family members to join as were willing.  Darren, Katie, Berkley, and Mark jumped on the marathon train – as did Sunny, the leader of our fan club.  We registered for the Vermont City Marathon in Burlington, VT.

After six months of pain, sweat, and tears (well, at least much whining) we were feeling fabulous!  We traveled to Burlington, VT accompanied by our parents, Mark S., Brett, and Emily.  We rented a house on Lake Champlain which provided the ideal location for pre and post race relaxation.  My cousin, Kristen visited with her boys Corrigan and Cleary.  We met new friends, Holly & Lois, and were overcome by their hospitality.  Kristen, Mom, and I reconnected with our cousin, Betsy.  We all brought well-wishes from friends back home.  I was touched by the support we received.

Annika, Katie, Berkley, Mark, Brian, Stephanie, Darren

The team did some carb-loading at Magic Hat Brewery the night before the race followed by a hearty meal at the house.  On Sunday, May 27th we brought our game faces and brightly colored shoe laces to meet our challenge.  Congrats to all marathon finishers for our tremendous accomplishment and thanks to our loyal fans!  Smiles and fist pumps were had by all on and off the course.  Brian completed his third marathon; Darren and Katie completed their second marathon; Mark, Berkley, and I completed our first marathon.  I’m still not convinced there is such a thing as “runner’s high” – more like a “runner’s low” after sitting down to rest and not being able to stand back up!  I do have a suspicion that marathons may be addictive but of course it may just be an addiction to time spent with family and friends.

Boomkin Replacement


One of the big projects that we left on the boat started today.  The boomkin is a piece of rigging on a sailboat that sticks off the stern and helps hold the mast upright.   The boomkin on RodeTrip looks like it has been there for a long time and since we want our mast to stay upright we ordered a new stainless steel boomkin to replace the old wooden one.

It arrived early this week.  The first step in replacing the boomkin is to remove the old one.  First I tied it up to the boom gallows, so that it doesn’t fall to the ground.  Next the bolts were removed from inside the rope locker.  Then aggresive use of the hammer helped to get the carriage bolts to pop through just a little bit so they could be pried out of the old teak boards.  After prying the bolts out the boomkin lifted off easily.  The old sealant was scraped off with a chisel and then sanded until clean gelcoat was exposed.

I’m on my way back to the boat now so that when friends arrive tonight I will be ready for the installation of the new boomkin.