Christy, Steve, Mark ( the new roommate) and the new Camera

Warning this post includes nothing about sailing and is quite off-topic but does include lots of pictures from Christy’s awesome camera.  The next post will be about Sailing with Christy and Steve.

Christy and Steve have been planning on coming up for a sail for a while, and they decided that the weekend of September 11-12 was a good weekend.  Little did I know that they were going to be bringing up an AWESOME camera!  To help turn the weekend even more into a party, Mark had an interview up this way, and decided to stick around.

    Saturday consisted of an awesome photoshoot in Portsmouth followed by a road race, where Steve let loose and surprised alot of Seacoast runners with an incredible 9th place finish….Christy had a great race running 38 minutes, and Brian and Stephanie managed to squeak out a 42 minute finish coming in well under the goal finish of 1 hour.  Sunny and Berkely were the inspiration for us to run the race and they hosted a bbq and their place afterwards.  Our garden is at Sunny and Berkely’s and it is still doing really well.  ( This pics for you Grandma! ) What a day, here are some snapshots.

Danger Hurricane Earl!!!!!

Oh right, so since I’m writing this after the fact, we were relieved that Hurricane Earl dissolved into a tropical storm well before reaching New Hampshire and in fact if it weren’t for all the hype, it would have gone unnoticed.  We went out and checked on the boat before leaving for PA for the weekend, and discovered that the mooring ball had deflated!  Not a big deal, but annoying.  It can wait until we get back up to New Hampshire.

This link is a composite of all the forecasts that the national hurricane center put out for Earl.  I think that I watched all of them after it started turning up the coast……here they are in fast forward.  It is a little weird to watch.  Enjoy!

Mom and Dad Wasylyk’s Saltwater Passage

Steve and Sally drove up from PA for a fantastic visit and a cruise out to the Isles of Shoals.  We got really lucky with the weather, and the tides and had a great trip down the river with the current and nice steady winds all the way out to the Isles.  Here we are waiting for the dinghy to levitate itself over to the water.  We didn’t wait too long though, shortly after this pictures was taken we picked it up ourselves and carried to the water.  I keep hoping that the dinghy will learn to do this by itself though.


Underway pictures, including an artistic use of the dorade vent, Tom Sawyer sailing on the bowsprit, and Brian and Stephanie during easy sailing!

After a great trip out and back, we spent some time brainstorming about what to do with the interior of RodeTrip.  The boat is in good shape, but right now is not very comfortable.  None of the projects will start before we haul the boat out for the winter, but we need to start thinking now.  Mom and Dad Wasylyk were a great help.  Sally just knows what will look good without us having to try it first, and Steve can instantly see a good way to do any project/idea that we came up with.
      Our brainstorming session was cut short by the sound of fighter planes attempting to get stuck in our rigging!  We ran up onto the deck and had a great view of the Blue Angels!  Here they are buzzing the naval air station, while waiting for the rest of the formation to catch up.  I’m not sure how low they fly, but it certainly seemed like they were less than 500 feet off the water.  Amazing show, even from 3 miles from the airstrip.