Bon Voyage!

Rode Trip had a fabulous time getting to know everyone at her Bon Voyage party at the Prescott Park dock on Saturday 6/23. Brian and I were thrilled to see so many friends and welcomed them to our new home! The flow of champagne could barely keep up with well wishes, hugs, and laughter all around. We did not let a torrential downpour spoil our fun, the party moved from the dock to the Portsmouth Brewery and carried on through closing time. Thanks to our visitors for a fabulous night on the town and for several thoughtful parting gifts. Hope to see you again out on the water!

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Catching Up

We certainly have a lot of catching up to do!
On Friday 6/22 we motored Rode Trip from Newburyport to Portsmouth. It was a sunny, calm day and we made certain to log our four hour trip. Ahhh, Portsmouth! We moored Rode Trip in the Piscataqua River just off of Pierce Island; with much thanks to Mike for providing this familiar spot. We readied Rode Trip for her ‘Bon Voyage’ debut and continued to unpack.

Our next visitors came on Friday afternoon; good friends, Brian and Jen, who traveled from PA. Brian and Jen had quite the morning; they had driven to the top of Mt. Washington! We welcomed them aboard and gave a tour. They shared some Mt. Washington history with us. We then left Rode Trip for the night and returned to Amesbury with Brian and Jen. We had a fabulous meal at The Ale House and the four of us did our own catching up.

Later on Friday evening Sally, Steve, and Michele arrived in Amesbury. We extended our stay at The Ale House to join them for dinner, we of course had a liquid dessert.


On Saturday 6/23 we had many loose ends to tie in Amesbury before the Bon Voyage party could begin. Thanks to Brian, Jen, Steve, Sally, and Michele for helping tremendously!




Launch Day, June 21, 2012

Moving aboard was quite the task, but we finally had all of our belongings stowed away after a late night at the boatyard (and thanks to Kathy for helping to pack, move, and clean during her visit to Whittier Meadows). On the eve of our launch, Brian prepped the deck by securing kayaks, diesel tanks, the boom, etc. and setting dock lines and bumpers. Exhausted, dirty, and hungry we left the boatyard prepared for the day ahead.

At 9:15am we arrived at the boatyard on a very HOT first day of summer. We received well wishes from fellow boater, Richard, who anticipates his launch next week. Boatyard staff had to dodge some bees that had nestled in the jack stands, but sting-free they loaded Rode Trip onto the trailer.

At the boat ramp Rode Trip’s mast was raised via crane and all the rigging was attached. Rode Trip towered over the power boats and jet skis that were launching for a day of fishing and riding.

Rode Trip was eased into the water. We noticed she was lower on her lines, meaning sitting lower in the water due to added weight. But we still have empty spaces! The rode, anchor chain, will .need to be redistributed so that it lies lower in the bilge to disperse some weight from the bow.

We cast off from the dock with perfect timing to motor under the Newburyport US 1 Bridge at the 11:30am opening.


We picked up a mooring on the first try; not too shabby after a long winter break. We put up the boom and Brian adjusted the rigging. We checked in with the harbor master to pay our fees for the night. The launch was a success! We headed back to Amesbury where we hoped to sell our cars (in progress) and tidy Whittier Meadows.