Quick Update

To all you faithful readers who might worry that Rode Trip sailed off the edge of the earth I want to share this brief email that we received from them last Wednesday, April 17th.

“We are safe and loving life at Duncan Town on Hog Cay in the Ragged Islands. Still with Serendipity and they are well too. We have consistent east winds forecasted, sailing north to Flamingo Cay tomorrow then waiting out gales Fri & Sat. Hope to make our 3 day jump to Jamaica next week. No Internet til we are settled at Jamaica, keep you posted as soon as we can.”

I can also share a couple of pictures I swiped from Evolve Freediving’s Facebook Page at a salt pond while they were still on Long Island in the Bahamas.

Brian skipping rocks.
Stephanie sporting a homemade coconut palm hat.